In order to attract to regular exercise and to actively participate in sports activities; education of a conscious attitude towards physical culture and IMT; the education of a sense of duty, patriotism, love for the motherland, was the subject week of the FC and the IMT. The week was held from 8 to 12 April 2019.

As part of the week, the following events were held: quiz: “Everything about sports and IMT”, photo exhibition: “I would go to the army!”, Table tennis competitions among educational groups, book exhibition: “Life in the rhythm of sports”, book exhibition: “We are growing patriots”, watching a documentary film:“Military educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, military-sports game: “Good fellows!”, Open lesson on physical culture on the topic:“Folk games”.

Such subject weeks are needed both by teachers and students. For teachers, this is an increase in skill, elevation to a higher level, gaining experience and tighter communication with students, which enhances teamwork on physical improvement. For students it is the discovery of oneself, the awareness of one’s physical condition, the communication with one’s peers in a non-standard environment, the increase of one’s physical fitness level, as well as an emotional uplift.

Teacher IMT Bessmertnaya AS and teacher of physical culture Kabaeva B.T.